Kindale Deadlands

Coffin Rock Resolution

  • Tacheenee thanks the team for freeing him. Says that he will resume bringing his bounty to the people of coffin.
    The glow of the alter fades, although it still has a strange reflection.
  • Check for survivors
    • There are 2
    • Apuul – dark native spirit that the fanatics were worshiping
  • Marshall Bryce and his boys left town in a hurry
    group rides out after bryce, notice the red veins are fading
    • Come upon their camp
  • take them all alive
  • Ride back to town, find that Shelly has been made mayor and Bill made marshall
  • Group waits a couple weeks for the next stage coach
    • Eddie preaches to the town, converts 10 to LDS and helps the general store owner fix up the place
    • Al helps the newspaper’s production by tinkering with the printing press
  • Bill’s family is on the next stage in
    • Al gives Bill’s son a ball, bat and rules to “Balls and Bases”
  • Stage stops in a small town called Denton, the group stops at the saloon to get a bite to eat
    • Everyone is giving the stinkeye, especially to Lily
    • waitress spills nasty gruel on Al
    • All hell breaks loose, huge fist fight. Lily kicks ass, Eddie tries to break it up, AC goes all gambit and Al tries out his new fastball-special.
  • Marshall breaks up the fight, tells the group about a strange droning sound that is keeping everyone awake at night.


chasing6 chasing6

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