Kindale Deadlands

Headed to Ghost Rock

Day 1


AD get’s a telegram from his uncle James asking for help finding cousin William in Coffin Rock. William hasn’t been heard from for a couple weeks.

Group gets a stage coach to Coffin Rock. Hector shows his horse skills and AD tells a story of his rock throwing skills.

Coffin Rock

Place is a rundown mining town. General store all moldy and boarded up (owner Ray Wisely).

Learn that William “Bill” was foreman of mine, last seen entering the mine two weeks ago. Meet mayor Wilfred Hambly. Lots of miners have been leaving town. Talked about the spirit Tacheene.

Meet marshal Thomas Bryce in street with two deputies. Kind of a dick.

AC Checks out whorehouse for information. Nothing doing.

AD, ES, Lily go to the Church of the New Covenant. Strange altar that is made of highly polished copper with strange reflections (don’t curve like they should). Reverend Shival out in the forest Deacon Robert Plume in charge.

Go to the Crystal River Inn, letters show “Cry a River”. Innkeeper Carl Testaverde very distraught. Sounds of weeping in the proprietor’s

Go check out general store. Find large slime mold covering an upside down crucifix. Take it to Deacon Plume, he and Eddie destroy it with holy water and fire.


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