Kindale Deadlands

Into the Mine

We bring the bandits to justice… and by that I mean hangin’.

Shelly asks us to find her father’s deeds. She thinks they were in the mayor’s office.

Riding back into town, the group is accosted by the Marshall and his deputies, who are keen on hanging the “horse rustlers”. A.D. glue bombs all but one of the deputies, and after some persuasion, the marshall calls for his men to stand down.

The gang delivers good to the general store owner. And ask the mayor to go check out Mr. Daly’s deed. They find the deeds and also a will that leaves all the deeds to Shelly. One of the deputies is keeping an eye on the mayor’s office.

Eddie cures the mayor’s alcoholism, and the group gets deputized to try and bring the marshall to justice for stealing rents on Shelly’s lands.

The Mayor deputizes the the group, and they ride out to meet Shelly. The mayor stays w/ the girls as the group goes out to the mine.

As we get closer to the mine, the rocks start to get more and more red in color. At the mine, we find an abandoned camp, which is oddly abandoned.

We set camp, and notice a low moaning coming from the mine… with the occasional scream.

In the morning, we head down to the to the mine, and Hector notices a trap at the mine just in time.

Down in the mine, we see faces in the rock. A spirit named William Wood tells us that the Reverend has been taking people into the mine and turning them into mud men. William asks to possess the group and help them escape to their bodies, and possibly help defeat the reverend.

All but AD let a ghost possess them, and the group makes their way down into the heart of the mine.

Find a spirit being controlled by the reverend (named Tacheenee), and used to turn miners into mudmen. The reverend also had a swirling portal opened, and jumped in as the party accosts him.


chasing6 chasing6

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