Kindale Deadlands

In Denver

Wanted Posters – A few
Letter to Doubleday – Marshall Bryce’s grave was disturbed, likely dug up by wolves.
After 3 days, bullets on each of our beds with our names on them

Coffin Rock Resolution
  • Tacheenee thanks the team for freeing him. Says that he will resume bringing his bounty to the people of coffin.
    The glow of the alter fades, although it still has a strange reflection.
  • Check for survivors
    • There are 2
    • Apuul – dark native spirit that the fanatics were worshiping
  • Marshall Bryce and his boys left town in a hurry
    group rides out after bryce, notice the red veins are fading
    • Come upon their camp
  • take them all alive
  • Ride back to town, find that Shelly has been made mayor and Bill made marshall
  • Group waits a couple weeks for the next stage coach
    • Eddie preaches to the town, converts 10 to LDS and helps the general store owner fix up the place
    • Al helps the newspaper’s production by tinkering with the printing press
  • Bill’s family is on the next stage in
    • Al gives Bill’s son a ball, bat and rules to “Balls and Bases”
  • Stage stops in a small town called Denton, the group stops at the saloon to get a bite to eat
    • Everyone is giving the stinkeye, especially to Lily
    • waitress spills nasty gruel on Al
    • All hell breaks loose, huge fist fight. Lily kicks ass, Eddie tries to break it up, AC goes all gambit and Al tries out his new fastball-special.
  • Marshall breaks up the fight, tells the group about a strange droning sound that is keeping everyone awake at night.
Into the Mine

We bring the bandits to justice… and by that I mean hangin’.

Shelly asks us to find her father’s deeds. She thinks they were in the mayor’s office.

Riding back into town, the group is accosted by the Marshall and his deputies, who are keen on hanging the “horse rustlers”. A.D. glue bombs all but one of the deputies, and after some persuasion, the marshall calls for his men to stand down.

The gang delivers good to the general store owner. And ask the mayor to go check out Mr. Daly’s deed. They find the deeds and also a will that leaves all the deeds to Shelly. One of the deputies is keeping an eye on the mayor’s office.

Eddie cures the mayor’s alcoholism, and the group gets deputized to try and bring the marshall to justice for stealing rents on Shelly’s lands.

The Mayor deputizes the the group, and they ride out to meet Shelly. The mayor stays w/ the girls as the group goes out to the mine.

As we get closer to the mine, the rocks start to get more and more red in color. At the mine, we find an abandoned camp, which is oddly abandoned.

We set camp, and notice a low moaning coming from the mine… with the occasional scream.

In the morning, we head down to the to the mine, and Hector notices a trap at the mine just in time.

Down in the mine, we see faces in the rock. A spirit named William Wood tells us that the Reverend has been taking people into the mine and turning them into mud men. William asks to possess the group and help them escape to their bodies, and possibly help defeat the reverend.

All but AD let a ghost possess them, and the group makes their way down into the heart of the mine.

Find a spirit being controlled by the reverend (named Tacheenee), and used to turn miners into mudmen. The reverend also had a swirling portal opened, and jumped in as the party accosts him.

Bandit Cave
Day 2

Places we haven’t been:
burnt out mansion of Mr. Daly (founder)

Mr. Daly died in the fire, a miner was hanged for it. A couple months after the preacher showed up in town.

Newspaper shut down right about the same time as all the troubles started.

Eat breakfast at 6 Ft under. Meet Lizzy (server), she used to work at the jewel theater. The girls have been acting weird over there. She left a bunch of stuff over at the house. We offer to help her retrieve it.

Belle (mistress at the jewel) is inclined to say no, but Eddie uses his charms to convince her otherwise (7 raises).

Barber shop is closed. Strange reflection of the back wall (similar to the bar wall) with someone standing on it.

General store looks a little better. Might be an illusion. We’re getting eyeballed by one of the marshal’s deputies.

Lily goes to the marshal’s station, sees her reflection in the star sign with a noose mark on her neck. Attempts to break down the bars on the windows. Does not. There are 3 people in the jail, 2 beat up, 1 sleeping it off.

Assayer’s office. Bill’s last claim was a couple weeks before things dried up.

Someone is tailing the group. Probably a marshal deputy. We head out of town.

We hear a gunshot and scream, run into a clearing to find a mud monster and a lady fighting. Shelly Pearl out trying to find her girls. They’ve taken to the outskirts of town because Marshall Bryce is an asshole.

Bryce killed Daly and stole his deeds. Pearl is Daly’s daughter.

Outlaws in a cave,11, leader Hank “Mayhem”. Captured 9, Killed 2 after an initial fight and ambush.


  • 11 Peacemakers
  • 11 Knives
  • Bullets 257 .45
  • $100
  • 4 horses
  • 1 wagon of goods
  • Rifle
On the Way to the Mine

Fought a Mud Monster, met Shelly

Headed to Ghost Rock
Day 1


AD get’s a telegram from his uncle James asking for help finding cousin William in Coffin Rock. William hasn’t been heard from for a couple weeks.

Group gets a stage coach to Coffin Rock. Hector shows his horse skills and AD tells a story of his rock throwing skills.

Coffin Rock

Place is a rundown mining town. General store all moldy and boarded up (owner Ray Wisely).

Learn that William “Bill” was foreman of mine, last seen entering the mine two weeks ago. Meet mayor Wilfred Hambly. Lots of miners have been leaving town. Talked about the spirit Tacheene.

Meet marshal Thomas Bryce in street with two deputies. Kind of a dick.

AC Checks out whorehouse for information. Nothing doing.

AD, ES, Lily go to the Church of the New Covenant. Strange altar that is made of highly polished copper with strange reflections (don’t curve like they should). Reverend Shival out in the forest Deacon Robert Plume in charge.

Go to the Crystal River Inn, letters show “Cry a River”. Innkeeper Carl Testaverde very distraught. Sounds of weeping in the proprietor’s

Go check out general store. Find large slime mold covering an upside down crucifix. Take it to Deacon Plume, he and Eddie destroy it with holy water and fire.

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