Kindale Deadlands

Bandit Cave

Day 2

Places we haven’t been:
burnt out mansion of Mr. Daly (founder)

Mr. Daly died in the fire, a miner was hanged for it. A couple months after the preacher showed up in town.

Newspaper shut down right about the same time as all the troubles started.

Eat breakfast at 6 Ft under. Meet Lizzy (server), she used to work at the jewel theater. The girls have been acting weird over there. She left a bunch of stuff over at the house. We offer to help her retrieve it.

Belle (mistress at the jewel) is inclined to say no, but Eddie uses his charms to convince her otherwise (7 raises).

Barber shop is closed. Strange reflection of the back wall (similar to the bar wall) with someone standing on it.

General store looks a little better. Might be an illusion. We’re getting eyeballed by one of the marshal’s deputies.

Lily goes to the marshal’s station, sees her reflection in the star sign with a noose mark on her neck. Attempts to break down the bars on the windows. Does not. There are 3 people in the jail, 2 beat up, 1 sleeping it off.

Assayer’s office. Bill’s last claim was a couple weeks before things dried up.

Someone is tailing the group. Probably a marshal deputy. We head out of town.

We hear a gunshot and scream, run into a clearing to find a mud monster and a lady fighting. Shelly Pearl out trying to find her girls. They’ve taken to the outskirts of town because Marshall Bryce is an asshole.

Bryce killed Daly and stole his deeds. Pearl is Daly’s daughter.

Outlaws in a cave,11, leader Hank “Mayhem”. Captured 9, Killed 2 after an initial fight and ambush.


  • 11 Peacemakers
  • 11 Knives
  • Bullets 257 .45
  • $100
  • 4 horses
  • 1 wagon of goods
  • Rifle


chasing6 chasing6

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